About Seamless Coatings

Seamless team at lunch

Seamless Coatings are specialists in Monolithic buildings, but also do all external and internal house painting, roof waterproof coatings and specialist protective coatings for all exterior surfaces of your home or building. These waterproof coatings are both watertight and guaranteed, from 10 to 20 years.

When it’s important to make your home or building waterproof or weatherproof there are next-generation products that simply leave the rest behind. The Seamless Coatings group use these proven high performance products to coat walls, roofs and problem areas. With seamless applied coatings there are no laps or joins and less chance of delamination that eventually can lead to leaks.

The Seamless Coatings Team

Terry Archer and his son Jaron Archer have been in the painting industry for many years and have focused the business on finding solutions for watertight issues. The company has two main teams basing themselves in the Auckland and Wellington Regions but certainly not restricted to these areas.

Seamless Coatings don’t claim to be “leak detectors” but rather applicators using the best coatings and membranes that will deal to leaks or moisture issues in a more comprehensive approach. /p>

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