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(Cavity walls consist of two ‘skins’ separated by a hollow space (cavity) )

The idea of a cavity between the framing and the cladding is as I understand to create an environment where the internal areas, the framing and connection to cladding can dry out.

         Dry out ?!

So allow it to get  wet then create the way for it to dry out before it may damage vital structural elements ,then make this a Standard . ….really ? So how does it dry out ?

With air circulating? So let air and moisture in first. Isn’t that what the Air and Moisture barriers such as Tyvek, are there for, to stop the ingress of air and moisture. So the cavity area will have very limited air movement to dry out the moisture that is allowed to enter?

Am I missing something ? Isn’t the idea to Stop moisture ingress … Wouldn’t this be the top focus ?

I do understand any house with a single leak is regarded and qualifies as a Leaky home but if you are to consider How to remedy this at all, wouldn’t the first question be : how do we stop the water getting in, rather the admission that water will get in at some stage, so how do we deal with this consequence. It’s like a backstop to a problem you are welcoming.

A better backstop would be some way to monitor areas to see if the waterproofing is working….

Ok ! Now that sounds achievable!

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