Home interior painting

It may be changing your colours or rejuvenating the overall condition of your tired interior- we can help.

With a big skilled team it allows us to complete your job quickly, and cause minimal disruption at your home.  Walls, ceilings, window surrounds, doors and bathrooms may all need recoating or even more preparation than you are keen to tackle. Our team is experienced to know what level is required and with the best equipment little time is wasted and the results will be amazing.

It’s always easier to renovate when the rooms are clear and free of furniture, or even when owners are away a few days, but this is not always possible and we are aware different option may be needed.

If it’s a smaller job, a room at a time, then the alternative is the Painter-for-a-day scheme.


Can you afford to have your rental vacant for weeks just to get it painted?  Or is there a paint crew that understands this is important also?

Rental downtime isn’t desirable for any landlord. That’s where our interior crews excel. We can easily handle the preparation requirements and repaint the insides of rental units or large houses in quick timeframes!

If it’s urgent to get that rental back earning and all it needs is a repaint, our experienced teams know how to do this and often we can make it high priority.

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