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We use all the premium ranges from the leading Paint manufacturers : Wattyl, Resene and Dulux . Some stand out products are ; Dulux Timber surfacer: This is used as a high build undercoat/filler that can be sprayed on to sanded weatherboard areas to build up the surface, then re-sanded to provide a perfectly flat prepared finish ready for topcoating. For technical date sheet click here

Rust Treatment

POR-15 is a robust rust preventative treatment that turns rust areas into a ‘ceramic‘ hard surface. So far it is the best we have found and can get easily.

For more information –  POR15-Description

Quality Gap Filling

Blue Barrier Flashing is ideal for using as a gap filler for timber weatherboard houses and for all the gaping required on stucco (monolithic clad) houses.

For more information – Blue Barrier Joint Filler

We also use other high quality ‘mastic’ products …watch this space!

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