House Painting for monolithic cladding, stucco or render houses or buildings

Why use ordinary paint for your stucco, concrete or monolithic clad house, when the next-generation Elastomeric coatings offer so much more?

As specialists in these types of houses we have researched the best products to use and have developed systems that are not only quick, effective and affordable but that provide you, the homeowner, with a better, longer lasting solution.  With our own scaffolding customers will benefit again.

Elastomeric coatings, although marginally dearer to apply than standard paints, offer far more benefits.

These polymer coatings are extremely elastic with elongation of 300 and 500%, that means the membrane can stretch 5 times its length before breaking.  Regular paints are significantly less than this!. Think what this means in a seismic activity area where movement of the building can be an issue, let alone the regular thermal shock of cool nights and hot days resulting in joint expansion and contraction.  This movement can result in cracks in the paint work, allowing moisture to enter and deterioration of the coating layer. With a topcoat that is Elastomeric the movement is less likely to affect it.

These membranes are designed to be breathable, water resistant coatings which repels water at the surface but allows water vapour to escape from inside the building.

Our specialised teams are experts in repairing any defects, sealing around windows and applying these Coatings. If there are more serious moisture issues we use Blue Barrier Wrap as a full undercoat membrane prior to the topcoat being applied. Check out our Monolithic Solution.

We have a range of different types of scaffolding to reach harder access areas. This is a real bonus as a lot of painting crews don’t own their own scaffolding and would need to add in often substantial hireage costs.

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