Painting stained wooden homes

Is your stain faded and starting to look sad…it probably needs recoating.

Most people don’t realise that stained timber houses require re-staining every 2-4 years to protect them properly!

If your stain dries out your cladding can become waterlogged and can cause unsightly cupping in the timber, or worse it can begin to rot.  Avoid these problems by re-staining your house.

Our team can quickly stain rough-sawn timber houses, often in a matter of days and at a very affordable price.

We have a range of different types of scaffolding to reach harder access areas. This is a real bonus as a lot of painting crews don’t own their own scaffolding and would need to add in often substantial hireage costs.

For clients that have more difficult access issues requiring scaffolding , we also have a paint option which can reduce your ongoing maintenance costs. We have successfully painted stained houses with low sheen paints to keep the design and colour scheme that is desired with stain, but also utilizes the longer lifespan of paint.

So instead of having to re-stain every few years, you can paint and have a 10 year or more lifespan.

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