Painter for a day – Wellington

Do you want someone to just sort out those little jobs, the ones that are hard to quantify and that you never seem to get done? Then here’s a great service offer …

Painter-for-a-Day offers a quick simple way to get an experienced painter onto the job, without the need to quote.

For smaller jobs or where the job is bitsy, we can offer a unique proposal.

Our painter-for-a-day service provides you with an experienced painter, tools and machinery he will need, to do a full days (8 hours) work on your project.

Our workers are totally experienced, fast and committed to providing an amazing job.

With our professional tools, technology and skills, we can turbo-charge your painting project so that it doesn’t take up your time.

  1. Paint out an average sized bedroom/bathroom
  2. Sand all windows and door frames ready for painting
  3. Repaint ceilings in a flat
  4. Do the hard stuff like cutting in or the things you don’t enjoy
  5. We even look at some of the harder parts of the exterior

For $450 (+gst)  per day  you get a hard working tradesman  to do what you can’t or shouldn’t

This means we don’t quote for the job , but you have to see whether what can get done in a day is to your expectations..! (usually we exceed everybody’s !)

For the jobs that don’t warrant a full set out quote, a painter-for-a-day is a great alternative to get your smaller projects done.

Get in touch or request a quote.