Colour Steel Roof Painting

Is your Colour Steel Roof fading ? It doesn’t seem that long ago when it was put on. There is a solution that doesn’t require re-roofing….

Colour steel roofs look good for 12-16 years then they start losing colour, pitting and fading. It’s time to recoat before it gets worse. AtomX offer a thick one-coat system that adheres directly to the existing surface with no need for an etch-primer. This makes the recoating process simple and affordable.

AtomX Steel Topcoat is a specially formulated, self-etching, 100% pure Acrylic one coat coating system for weathered coil coated roofing substrates. Formulated with a high grade fungicide, fillers, extenders and light fast pigments that incorporate ceramic pigments for extended durability. Designed and tested for maximum weather durability including Ultra Violet (UV) light and the damage caused by weather and erosion. The AtomX (Xella) Colour Steel Topcoat is designed for use on weather coil coated steel (Coloursteel), Colourtile and Tuffcoat tiles.

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