Painting your concrete tile roof

Has your roof lost its original coating? If so your roof is not protected!
That grey colour is just dirty unpainted concrete and it’s not enough just to clean it. There is a solution that is far cheaper than re-roofing.

When it’s important to get protection for the roof of your home or building, isn’t it more important for that protection to last longer than 20 years ? AtomX has a range of long life, bonded polymer, highbuild coatings that incorporate the next generation technology that provide the right protection for any roof type.

Every time it rains 3 tonnes of extra weight soaks into your roof! Can you afford to ignore it?

Anyone can say they can paint a roof! We all know that there are many paint brands and they all claim their points of difference .There are many generic base coats, key coats and top coats on the market. Many of the normal acrylic paint systems will fade, become porous, and start to crack and blister often within 8-10 years. And if there were surface problems prior to coating, these problems may resurface again and shorten this durability even further.

AtomX™ Highbuild Protective Coating Systems are not just paint! They are Long Life Protective Coating Systems and have been specially developed for all types of substrates

The AtomX range in conjunction wth Promax Coating Systems addresses your objectives; durability, performance, integrity and beautification.

For more information – Xella Concrete Highbuild Topcoat

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