Galvanised Iron Roof Painting

Does your roof have old lead nails, which are loose, rusting and maybe causing leaks? Or is it just fading and worn and really needs some maintenance?

Your roof is the most important part of the house. Changing the nails to screwtecs will tighten down the sheets and is the first stage to make it more watertight.

We can address all the issues,  do the repairs that are needed and recoat to the colour of your choice. Whether it is for the long term or just to tidy it up then it’s time to call in the specialists!

Don’t leave it till the leaks keep you up at night. You don’t have to tackle this yourself. Roofs are high and can be dangerous. We have designated skilled teams capable of doing the work for you. We have the scaffolding and height protection needed for these jobs. If the roof has passed its use-buy date yet you still need time we can do the job that will “Buy you time” .

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