Pressed Metal Tiles – Roof Coating

Does your Pressed metal tile roof look faded, worn? Is it starting to get rust patches? Before you need to re-roof you have the option to re-coat first…

Pressed Metal Tiles (e.g. decramastic ) lose their texture topping over time, ..but before the rust sets in get it recoated. It’s definitely a cheaper option than re-roofing and often you don’t need to re-roof at all. The AtomX coating system is developed to rebuild the texture, and topcoat up to 700microns . And you can change the colour if you want?

Promax Coatings Systems use Atomx high performance, Elastomeric  roof coatings to rejuvenate your roof and make it last many years longer.  At a wet thickness over 700microns for decramastic … compared to most standard roof paints of 65microns, …it is like painting the roof 10 times …..

You may not need an extra 25 years …( you may just need to last out for 5 years before you intended to re-roof ) but the coatings are designed for durability , with extra additives, like fungicides, ceramic tinters, and Teflon .

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