Roof coating products

Atomx (Xella) Concrete Basecoat for tile roofs

Where concrete is in need of sealing against the elements to keep moisture out and stop efflorescence and deterioration, AtomX Concrete Basecoat was developed. This is a thick sealer ( 200-400 microns per coat) that soaks into these tiles with amazing adhesion .

For more information – AtomX (Xella) Concrete Basecoat

Atomx ( Xella) Concrete Hi-Build topcoat for tile roofs

This is a specially formulated High build Matte colour topcoat, formulated with 100% water borne pure Acrylic polymer. It comes in 16 colour choices

For more informationAtomX (Xella) Concrete Highbuild Topcoat

Atomx ( Supercoat) Flush compound for re-pointing concrete tile roofs

Flush Compound is a silica paste designed to use with the addition of cement to tile edges and facings. It is stronger than a standard mortar and yet has flexibility.

For more informationAtomx (Supercoat) Flush compound

Atomx Steel Topcoat for Coloursteel roofs

AtomX Steel Topcoat is a specially formulated, self-etching, 100% pure Acrylic one coat coating system for weathered coil coated roofing substrates.

For more informationAtomx (Xella) Steel Topcoat

Atomx ElastoTex for pressed metal tile roofs

Elastotex is an elastomeric, extended pure acrylic primer used to re-build the texture on pressed metal tile roofs (decramastic). This is applied by a hopper gun.

For more informationAtomX (Xella) Elastotex_Primer

Atomx EC High build Topcoat for pressed metal tile roofs

For top coating textured pressed metal tiles (PMT) or other suitable external surfaces requiring an elastomeric membrane topcoat.

For more informationAtomX (Xella) Elastotex Highbuild Topcoat

Premium roof paints for galvanised iron roofs

We use a range of quality roof paints available for galvernised iron roof applications including :   Wattyl Solagard and Resene Summit.

For more informationResene Summit Roof Paint
For more informationWattyl Solagard Roof Paint

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