Weatherboard House Painting

Wooden cladding is very popular in New Zealand, and we have extensive experience in the remodeling of this type of home. Normally repaints of weatherboard houses are a little more complicated than other cladding types as there is a lot more preparation required; we say 80% of the job is preparation.

Anyone can paint a house! But can they do a proper job of the preparation?

A lot of people believe that anyone can paint a house, but it’s not the painting that separates the professionals from the DIY’s. Experience with all aspects of preparation and painting gives us an understanding of what works best and why.

Also a professional company will address the long term issues with appropriate solutions.

When you are comparing painting contracting companies with the answers to these questions you can make informed decisions that correctly represent the value of what you will get for what you spend.

Important questions that you need answering first;

  • In the quote does the paint company itemise each important task and provide you with a step-by-step process what they intend to do on your house?
  • Do they intend to provide a Site Manager who will keep you informed on progress or issues that may arise?
  • Do they have their own scaffolding, ladders and trolleys and will follow adequate safety methods?
  • How do they intend to address rust, gaps, corners and cracking?
  • Are they intending to use quality products or do they just get the cheapest they can find?
  • Do they have the right equipment to undertake the job?
  • Will they be capable of advising on colour choices and how to balance and combine these on your house?
  • Can they show you before and after photos or testimonials from previous work?

Added benefit of Seamless Coatings

We have found that most customers seem to want the same things from contractors; they want them to show up when they say they will, and to complete their job as quickly as possible with minimal disruption, and without cutting corners.

We have fostered a culture of constant improvement. All of our work systems are the result of thousands of hours of research into best methods. We have constantly researched and tried different products, to find the best in each field. An example of this is the mastic caulking that we use to seal gaps: most contractors use cheap acrylic gap fillers which degrade and have far less expansion movement. In an area like Wellington with a lot of seismic activity, you need a flexible gap sealant, especially if you have weatherboard siding.

It goes without saying that we use the best quality tools in our preparation processes. With so much preparation, this helps us speed up these steps. We have tried and tested all the major tool brands for sanding and stripping and have refined our processes for speed and clean up efficiency.

We have a large team and commit 4-6 workers to an average job. Also when we start a job, we keep our team there until it is finished. This allows us to complete your job quickly, and cause minimal disruption at your home.

They want courteous and polite contractors, who care, clean up after themselves, and do a thorough job.

And of course, they want GREAT VALUE!

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