Flood Protection System  for your home

Is your home in a flood prone area and at risk and will you be able to prevent flood waters coming into your home? We have a proven solution that will protect your home.

Blue Barrier Flood Protection System:

Our flood protection system utilises BEP® Blue barrier combined with flood gates and vent controlled blocking to protect your house.
Blue Barrier is used to seal up gaps or holes up to 1m high around the property. It is applied via high pressure airless spray to achieve a 1mm thick membrane over all areas of the substrate around the building. Alternatively precoated panels can be attached, capped and finished in an Elastomeric coating to the colour of your choice.

Christchurch City Council Test Using BEP® Blue Barrier

July 2014 in Christchurch we assisted in a flood mitigation trial of the Blue Barrier Wrap product. It was tested on a red zone house which was purposely flooded, to see if the liquid membrane could keep out the water for 3 days. Combined with clever Flood Gates for door openings and temporary covering of base grills the operation was set to prove no water could enter through the walls.

The trial was covered by the TV and radio media with great anticipation over the period with primetime news bulletins explaining the process. It was an absolute success. The ramifications of this success are widespread and will provide solutions for many people facing similar real risk.

We already are using the Blue Barrier range of products on other applications; Watertight risk areas on leaky homes, gap filling on weatherboard houses. In the US it is used on new builds as a moisture and vapour barrier, as it is superior in sealing around penetrations.

For more informationBlue Barrier Liquid Wrap 2300 TDS

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