Fixing and waterproofing internal gutters

Does your internal gutter leak and the thought of how to remove it is just too daunting? Seamless Coatings are specialists in waterproofing internal gutters.

This solution doesn’t require your gutter to be removed or replaced. The application of FFR-K1, in one seamless coating will solve the problem.  

Often internal gutters deteriorate, rust forms and they become leaky. Fixing the problem can be a difficult process, but using the FFR-K1 membrane there’s no need to remove the roofing. Coating the inside of the gutter will provide a seamless well-adhered waterproof membrane.

For internal gutters, where there may be movement cracks, seams or joins we use Mule Hide tape in conhjunction wwith the FFR-K1 membrane to re-enforce those areas.

FFR-K1 is a flexible seamless waterproof membrane that will reinstate the guttering whether it is made of plywood, concrete or metal.

For further informationFFR-K1 Technical Manual

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