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FFR K1 LogoFFR-K1 is a flexible multi-purpose seamless waterproof membrane designed to protect a variety of surfaces including : asphalt, single-ply, pvc, tpo, rubber, concrete, foam, wood,  and metal.

FFR-K1 is also suitable for coating petroleum-based surfaces such as tar or rubber cement. It is especially suited to applications where surface movement may defeat the protection of a rigid, non-reinforced coating.

FFR-K1 is excellent for waterproofing EPDM, TPO, PVC, built-up, single ply, polyurethane foam, concrete, metal roofs.

FFR-K1 contains 3 proprietary chemicals and additives that enable the coating to be installed under water, if necessary.
FFR K1’s highly reflective membrane will provide you with energy savings of 15- 40% and a maintenance free roof for up to 20 years!


  • Single component, no mixing.
  • Adheres even to damp surfaces without priming.
  • Withstands ponding water.
  • Can be installed in freezing conditions.
  • Retains flexibility in sub-zero conditions.
  • Withstands attacks from most chemicals, traffic, and severe environments.
  • Highly thixotropic allowing for ease of application
  • High Albedo reduces heat and lowers energy cost
  • Low sag minimizing dripping.
  • Kevlar reinforced (520,000 psi)
  • Class “A” fire rated
  • Rain will not destroy coating during application.
  • Sustainable roofing system that saves expensive removal and disposal cost.
  • Cellulous bond to concrete and wood.
  • 100% adhesion of product to substrate


  • FFR-K1 turns temporary repairs into a permanent roofing solution.
  • FFR-K1 can reduce energy consumption up to 40%.

Consider This: 

The surface of a black roof on a sunny day can be 90 degrees higher than ambient temperature while a white roof is only 10 degrees higher. If the summer high temperature is 80 degrees, the white roof will likely be 90 degrees while the black roof is 170 degrees. This temperature difference will have a dramatic impact on energy costs; insulation required; long term performance of an EPDM roof and air quality.

  • A white roof saves energy costs for the building owner by reducing peak energy demand.
  • Maintenance of air conditioning equipment is reduced and the size of the air conditioning unit needed to cool the building is reduced with a white roof.
  • A cool roof reduces air pollution resulting from what is called the “heat island effect” which is excess heat radiating from a black roof in the sun’s summer heat.
  • A cool roof improves our environment by reducing the demand for hydrocarbons (crude oil and natural gas) for energy and insulating material requirements.
  • Thermal shock of cool nights and hot days result in roof expansion and contraction. This movement is detrimental to the long term performance of the roof system.
  • Run your hand over the surface of a 20 year old, fully adhered EPDM roof and you will observe a significant amount of carbon black transferred to your hand. This is due to the slow deterioration of the membrane caused by ultraviolet ray exposure

For more information – FFR specification manual

Mule hide tape

Mule Hide tape is used to bridge joins or gaps on roof or gutter elements prior to the application of FFR-K1. This forms a strong bond that remains flexible but won’t break away. It sticks to almost any substrate and is almost impossible to remove.

For more informationMule hide tape technical data sheet


This polyester ‘scrim’ is a mesh for strengthening the first coat of FFR-K1 with the second. By adding this process the warranty is increased to 20 Years

For more informationPol-e-scrim technical data sheet

BEP Blue Barrier total building envelope system

Blue Barrier Liquid WrapBlue Barrier family of products was developed to prevent water and air intrusion and mold growth and to protect the building envelope by creating a seamless liquid-applied membrane.

Blue Barrier Wrap is used as a moisture and air barrier at the pre-line stage on new buildings and also as an undercoat on monolithic clad buildings to seal porous and moisture issues.

For more information – Blue Barrier specification sheet

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