Waterproofing repairs for houses and buildings

Are your leaks giving you nightmares? They may be small, isolated but you don’t know where to start and the damage continues until they can be found. 

It’s not always possible to find a niggly leak and the cost for infra-red detection may be too high. Undoubtedly there will be tell-tale signs, enough to isolate the general area.

FFR-K1 is a flexible seamless waterproof membrane that will fix problem areas whether it is made of monolithic cladding, stucco, plywood, concrete or metal.

We use FFR-K1 to repair around skylights, vents, parapet holes, valleys, roof protrusions, flashings -the list goes on!

Sectioning off these areas and applying FFR-K1 proves a way to stop moisture from entering. This is an affordable option and saves you all the hassles of more drastic measures!

For more informationFFR-K1 technical manual

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