Deck waterproofing and painting

Is your Fibreglass or Butyl rubber deck lifting or are there cracks on the seams? Deck membranes deteriorate from movement or just age, seams delaminate and splits occurs allowing moisture to enter.  We recommend one product for waterproofing decks and roofs.


FFR-K1 is the most robust liquid membrane on the market today.
It is a highly flexible, Kevlar infused liquid membrane. It is designed for seamless waterproofing and long term protection over Butyl rubber, traffiguard or bitumen decks.

Benefits include:

  • 20 years leak-free performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Industry’s best severe weather resistance and the lowest lifecycle cost.
  • It can be applied directly over your existing deck including bitumen, EPDM (butyl rubber), concrete etc.

The manufacturer’s faith in the product’s ability to solve your waterproofing problem is evidenced in the warranties that come with the application of this amazing product.

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