Plaster House Painting Specialists

Seamless Coatings offer house painting solutions for all house types, but we're specialists in plaster house painting, such as monolithic and stucco house painting. Your plaster home will look great with our expert team in Auckland and Wellington.

With extensive knowledge of paint products, we will use the paint that best suits your style of home.

We use most major paint brands, have had primers developed specifically to complement the vapour permeable layer membrane and we have better quality gapping sealants that have far more elongation and lifespan than generic acrylic or silicon sealants on the market now. We also can provide our own scaffolding, both set and mobile.

We can provide a quote that offers two pricing OPTIONS. We don't claim to be the cheapest, ... but our products definitely surpass any other protective option in the market.  

For further information, get in touch or you can request a quote.

what others think

"We are very happy to have had Seamless Coating paint our two townhouses. Receiving a quote was quick and easy and they were able to fit us in much faster than we anticipated. The cost was extremely competitive and we are very happy with the result. Terry and his entire team were a delight to work with. There are enough workers that they were able to complete our job in a fraction of the time of smaller operators, which didn't only reduce the inconvenience for us, but saved us significant money with scaffolding hire. As did the scaffolding that Seamless was able to provide for the over half of the building.

If we happen to discover any issues, I'm confident Terry will ensure they are put right. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Seamless Coatings to friends and family looking for painters."



Interior Painting

It stands to reason that Seamless Coatings cares about the products they use for interior painting as much as they do for exterior protection. But most interior paints have come a long way in their quality and durability, so it then does come down the application and understanding their limitations. You really don't want a painter who tries to apply one coat and say that's good enough!

This is why when you engage a professional, they approach the job in a different way. They don't try to "cut corners" to be efficient. Yet now there are a number of companies in the market that don't always play by the same rules, and they can appear to be cheap, but at what cost?

When you choose Seamless Coatings to undertake your interior project you are getting professionals who take pride in doing a quality, effective and fast job, without compromise.


When it is important to work into a tight timeframe, the changing over of tenancies, Seamless Coatings works in with the landlord to undertake the repainting of flats and units without delay. And once these flats are empty of furniture, the project becomes much easier, and priced better.


Despite many developers only seeing the bottom line and applying a very tight budget for painting, we still do get to do multiple projects and at affordable rates. It's about reliability. Developers need to be able to rely on the start time, the consistent quality and always the willingness to meet a deadline. It's not always about being rock bottom cheapest, especially if these need to be fixed up after.


The best time to look at re-painting is when it matters to look the best for a sale, and the cost will definitely be better if it is empty. But that may not be the available option. If it is easy enough to shift items to the centre of the room and just go away for a few days, the painting can commence!

Choose to do it now, and choose Seamless Coatings to quote this for you.


Deck waterproofing and painting

We have used many different membranes for many different applications.
There are some products that will provide great performance and durability!
But at what cost? Here is one that has all the benefits but not at the high price.

Is your Fibreglass or Butyl rubber deck or roof lifting or are there cracks on the seams? Deck membranes deteriorate from movement or just age, seams delaminate and splits occurs allowing moisture to enter.  We recommend one product for waterproofing decks and roofs.


Eco-Seal 100 has no solvents added to the resin hardener so is able to be built up to required thickness easily without slump and without gassing off

Eco-Seal is a robust, high build liquid membrane that doesn't require mesh reinforcing.

It is a two pack, highly flexible, yet tough membrane. It is self-priming, high hysteresis waterproofing.
It is designed for seamless waterproofing and long term protection over Butyl rubber, fibreglass or bitumen decks. There is very few substrates that it can't go over!

To provide up to twenty years protection as a waterproofing membrane that will accept reasonable foot traffic when used as part of a complete waterproofing system in exterior environments. Applied to roofs, gutters, decks, bridge structures and other structural elements where a hard, tough, resilient, UV stable and corrosion resistant high build membrane is needed.

The manufacturer’s faith in the product’s ability to solve your waterproofing problem is evidenced in the warranties that come with the application of this amazing product.

We offer a 10 year and 20 year warranty option.

Roof waterproofing and painting

We use many different membranes for different applications.
There are some products that will provide great performance and durability!
For big flat roof areas that maybe rusting, here is a great solution to protect and prolong the replacement time of your industrial roof


NOXYDE® is an extremely advanced and user-friendly product, ideal for long-term corrosion protection of metal substrates. Noxyde products are one-component elastic coatings that provide an unprecedented corrosion resistance. Noxyde has an excellent UV resistance and can tolerate high salt laden environments indefinitely especially in areas that are not washed by rain regularly.

Noxyde suits the severe coastal conditions found in New Zealand and combined with the high rainfall we get, makes Noxyde very sort after as a roof coatings to architects and designers alike.

This heavy-duty, water-based formula provides two-coat coverage and flexible durability on new or minimally prepared steel, metals and concrete.

• 200% elasticity—bridges small cracks, moves with structure, protects edges
• Performs like zinc/epoxy coatings without the need to abrasive-blast clean
• Single-component, self-priming, high-build; minimal surface prep required

The product has one of the longest recorded performances histories overseas at nearly 40 years of being used as a waterproofing system and as a roof coating. The coating has kept its film build and flexibility and is still fully intact after 40 years as a roof coating.

The cost of application is, obviously, more than conventional painting, but the preparation is reduced and the need for bridging or etching primers is eliminated, and it's just better!

Choose Seamless Coatings to provide a quote for your roof.