Risk areas

There are areas of your home where there is higher risk of water and moisture entering.
These include:

  • Cracking: Large or hairline cracks in the cladding, typically found close to windows and doors

  • Joinery: Cracks along the joinery seals which can allow water ingress.

  • Penetrations: All penetrations in the cladding, for example around pipes, vents and meter boxes, gaps and lack of any sealant.  Flashing of meter boxes. Lack of flashing or reliance on poor quality sealant may allow water to penetrate. Silicone is not a suitable sealant.

  • Joints: Gaps or lifting sections in cladding joints

  • Pergolas:  Pergola frame penetrating the cladding or direct fixed through the cladding may result in water ingress.

  • Windows:  Window flashings are not always correctly installed.  Round, shaped or corner windows are difficult to flash, increasing the risk of water ingress.

  • Enclosed Balcony / Cantilever Deck: Enclosed balconies and cantilever decks have a multitude of risks; Hand railings attached through the plaster cladding, poorly applied waterproof membrane; de-laminating on lap joints or movement of the panel fibreglass membrane systems that don't have flexibility