Seal 'n' Paint is a high quality waterproof and paint service that offers home owners with plaster style homes a simple waterproofing and maintenance solution that is fast, effective, trusted and affordable.

Add value back into your plaster home without the need for expensive recladding, which can easily cost 10x the price of our seal 'n' paint system.

Plaster home waterproofing and plaster home painting with our Seal 'n' Paint system will save you money and time. An average reclad will set you back around $350,000 vs the waterproofing and painting of your plaster, monolithic or stucco home for $35,000

How it works

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Gapping and watertight membrane

Our blue membrane has 300% elongation, allowing it to move with air pressure and ground movement. It is also permeable, which means water vapor, not water, can easily move from the internal areas to the outside. All fine lines and cracks are gapped and filled, before applying the full wrap.

Adhesive Link Coat

We now protect the blue membrane with another membrane coat called the adhesive link coat. This will ensure your elastomeric coatings in the final house colour apply correctly to the surface. This is part of an integrated system where all the coatings have been designed to work together.

Elastomeric coatings

We then apply two coats of elastomeric coatings, in the colour you have chosen for your house. The elastomeric coatings have been designed to work with the two membrane coats, they are just as permeable and flexible as the membranes beneath them.

Seal 'n' Paint = approx


Re-clad = approx



We chose Seamless Coatings because we saw the great job they made on our next door neighbours house a couple of years ago (the place still looks like it was done yesterday). When we wanted our house done, Seamless were number one on our list. Terry responded quickly to our enquiry and when he came to appraise the opportunity was clear about what he thought was right for our house, giving us confidence that the job would be done right.  His team certainly got the job done and they proved to be fast and efficient. Communication is key in any job and Terry and his team were always ready to listen and make sure things were going right. Our job was quite large with a few unique issues that have been handled really well. A nice bunch of people!
We are really pleased with the final result and would unhesitatingly recommend Seamless Coatings to anyone who needs a specialist solution to ensure their house is protected from the elements. 


Thanks for getting onto our job so quickly and getting it sorted. You were easy to deal with and did exactly what you said you were going to do. The boys have done great job and they were also easy to have around nothing was a problem.


"We are very happy to have had Seamless CoatingS paint our two townhouses. Receiving a quote was quick and easy and they were able to fit us in much faster than we anticipated. The cost was extremely competitive and we are very happy with the result. Terry and his entire team were a delight to work with. There are enough workers that they were able to complete our job in a fraction of the time of smaller operators, which didn't only reduce the inconvenience for us, but saved us significant money with scaffolding hire. As did the scaffolding that Seamless was able to provide for the over half of the building.
If we happen to discover any issues, I'm confident Terry will ensure they are put right. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Seamless Coatings to friends and family looking for painters."


Just a short note to say thanks for great work that you did recoating our monolithic house with the blue barrier coating. We are really pleased with the work that your team carried out and especially impressed that the work was completed quickly and that everything was tidied up afterwards. Thanks again.

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