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About us

If you are looking for regular painters, you may be more than surprised with Seamless Coatings.

The point of difference is their all-consuming desire to find and provide better products. Their workmanship relies on being able to fully trust better products and offer these to customers. 

Ask the question: Is what they are putting on going to last and do what it is meant to do? 

Then if this is accepted, you need to also believe the workers can do this with skill and ability- and the question should be, do they care? 

When it comes to waterproofing, and long term maintenance it really matters if the workers cares. The Management, Terry Archer and son Jaron Archer, may well have the desire to provide the optimum service using great, high performance products, but unless their staff have this same desire, then it won't matter. 

The good news is, the staff are well trained, and really do have the same desire. 

With support from 1 or 2 suppliers of dynamic products, the Seamless team have adopted streamline protocols that do demonstrate the workers care about what they achieve to consistently produce amazing results! 


Terry and his son Jaron  have been in the painting industry for over 17 years and have painted every type of building. Now they focus on providing applications for monolithic buildings. The two teams at Seamless Coatings do this every day.

Basing themselves in the Wellington and Auckland regions keeps everyone busy but they are certainly  not restricted to these areas, doing projects recently in Taupo, Katikati and Hamilton. 

Seamless Coatings are definitely true specialists in Monolithic buildings, waterproofing of decks, flat roofs and even motor home roofs. 

They don’t claim to be “leak detectors” but rather applicators who protect whole areas with or without leak issues.  Maintenance is often overlooked, but Terry has real confidence in the Seal n Paint system to set the Maintenance Clock back to the start.