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Our Seal 'n' Paint System

Seal 'n' Paint is a simple system that offers home owners with plaster homes (monolithic, stucco etc) an affordable waterproofing and maintenance solution. Read about our three step system below and contact us today for an effective and more affordable option to recladding.  

Plaster waterproofing

Gapping and watertight membrane

Our blue membrane has 300% elongation, allowing it to move with air pressure and ground movement. It is also permeable, which means water vapor, not water, can easily move from the internal areas to the outside. All fine lines and cracks are gapped and filled, before applying the full wrap.

Link primer

adhesive link coat

We now protect the blue membrane with another membrane coat called the adhesive link coat. This will ensure your elastomeric coatings in the final house colour apply correctly to the surface. This is part of an integrated system where all the coatings have been designed to work together.

House painting

Elastomeric coatings in final house colour

We then apply two coats of elastomeric coatings, in the colour you have chosen. The elastomeric coatings have been designed to work with the two membrane coats, they are just as permeable and flexible as the membranes beneath them.


Plaster House Waterproofing

Thinking about re-cladding? Stop and talk to us first. Save thousands using our Seal 'n' Paint System. Our Blue Barrier Wrap seals your plaster home without joins and seams, making it waterproof.


Risk areas

Certain areas of your home may be at higher risk of letting in moisture and water. We address these areas to ensure they are not only waterproof, but they are no longer a risk area to your home.

Plaster House Painting

We're the plaster and monolithic house painting specialists. Seamless Coatings have over 17 years experience in painting plaster houses and decks with waterproof and breathable coatings.


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We supply two options in a quote and add in any necessary crack repairs and re-texturing. We also have our own scaffolding that we can offer where available to reduce costs further. 

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